Tuesday, December 5, 2017

40th Anniversary of Erwin Center and Longhorn Basketball

The University of Texas' Frank Erwin Center has been celebrating their 40th Anniversary during 2017 with special events.  November 29, 2017 marked the 40th Anniversary of the University of Texas Basketball teams playing in the Frank Erwin Center. To mark the date, the Men's Basketball team played a game against Florida A&M and the audience was treated to cake.  Here's what the action looked like.

Players warm up as the scoreboard announces the 40th Anniversary

Erwin Center Staff are ready to celebrate

The Longhorn Pep Band is on hand 

And the Longhorn Spirit Squad

Hook 'em is ready

Respect for the National Anthem

Let's get this party started

Free throw time

He shoots...

He passes...

And the ball is in the air...

Let's cheer for the Longhorns

Go Team!!!

Back to the game

Keeping the fans fired up!

Great form for that jump

Lots of cheering going on

Hook "em is ready for some action

Always good to make a little noise

That ball was flying as the Longhorns beat the Rattlers 82-58

Former players attend the Anniversary game

Surprise!!! It's Hook 'em!

Hook 'em is always ready for a good party


Did someone say cake?

Cake for Everyone!!!

Hook 'em Horns, Ladies!!!

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