Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wizard World Comic Con 2013 Tours Hits Austin

Pop culture geeks of all ages descended on the Austin Convention Center the weekend of November 22 - 24 as the Wizard World Comic Con Tour landed in Central Texas for its final stop of 2013.

A group of costumed fans at Austin Wizard World Comic Con 2013 at the Austin Convention Center 

While the nomenclature "Comic Con" might bring to mind an event in which participants gather together to buy and sell the proverbial comic books popular in our youth, this event was far more than just a gigantic sale. This event was a salute to all things fun, and weird, and scary, and entertaining in our culture today. Since Austin, Texas loves all things weird and out of the ordinary, it's no wonder that the Wizard World Austin Comic Con was a popular place to be.

Looks like the Zombie Hunters were busy at the Austin Comic Con

Now don't get me wrong; there were plenty of good old super heroes to be found in Austin for the weekend. Even our very own local super hero, Austin Police Department Detective Jarrett Crippen, aka The Defuser, was on hand for this event.

Jarrett Crippen MC's the costume contest at the 2013 Austin Comic Con

Comic Con is a tribute to pop culture in all of its weird splendor.

Bob Camp participates in the Austin Comic Con

Spiderman made an appearance at this year's Austin Comic Con

There were television and movie personalities present to talk to excited fans about their roles in such popular programs such as Star Trek, The Power Rangers, The Walking Dead, The Karate Kid, and Skarknado.

William Shatner answers questions about Star Trek during a panel with Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula answers question from fans during his panel with William Shatner

Jason David Frank, aka The Green Power Ranger, answers questions during a panel

Actor Michael Rooker of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy greets fans

Actor Ralph Macchio of The Karate Kid series answers questions from fans

Actor Ian Ziering participates inWizard World Austin Comic Con 2013

There were wrestlers, and movie directors, and ghost sorcerers, and even some ghost hunters (both real and fictional) in the building.

WWE superstar John Cena answers fans questions during a panel at Comic Con

Director Robert Rodriguez is joined by Harry Knowles during a panel 

Actor James Hong discusses his 50 plus years as an actor during Comic Con

Ghost Hunter Amy Bruni tells fans about some of her adventures during a panel

Fans dress as the team from Ghostbusters 

And there were plenty of attendees celebrating their favorite characters by dressing up in costumes.

But above all of that, there was an icon in the world of comics present for this event. The American Comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of the board of Marvel Comics, Mr. Stan Lee. Stan spoke to an enthusiastic audience of fans about his incredible career.  
Stan Lee and Jarrett Crippen discuss Mr. Lee's remarkable career during a Comic Con panel

As a very special surprise, panel host Jarrett Crippen and his non-profit agency, Scare for a Cure, presented Mr Lee with a special birthday cake in honor of Stan's upcoming 91st birthday on December 28.
A fitting birthday cake for a man synonymous with many iconic comic super heroes.

Here is just a glimpse of some more of the participants in this year's Austin Comic Con.

Actor Bruce Campbell of Burn Notice answers questions from audience members

Erica Durance talks about her role as Lois Lane on Smallville

James Marsters talks about his roles on Buffy of Vampire Slayer and Angel

Giancarlo Esposito answers questions about his roles on Breaking Bad and Revolution

Actress Jewel Staite talks to fans about some of her incredible roles

A young Comic Con attendee leans how to apply makeup

The Green Power Hour is a time for potential super heroes both young and old to receive instructions
 from The Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Austin Has Fun Fun Fun Once Again

If you have ever visited Austin, Texas, then you probably already know we like to have fun here in the Live Music Capital of the World. Sometimes our fun involves music, sometimes sports, sometimes comedy, and sometimes the great outdoors, but once in a while we like to throw all caution to the wind and combine everything into one bigger-than-life party. We call this event Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Fun awaited all who traveled to Austin for this years Fun Fun Fun Fest on Auditorium Shores

This year Austin's homage to all things FUN took place for three days, November 8, 9, and 10, on Auditorium Shores in beautiful downtown Austin.

Fun was the name of the game in Austin as the 8th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest took place 

As usual, there were a variety of musical acts represented at the festival ranging from...


Rapper Ice T performs for the crowds at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest

to Heavy Metal,

Tom Araya and Kerry King perform with Slayer as the headlining act of Day 3 of Fun Fun Fun Fest

to Punk,

Kathleen Hanna of The Julie Ruin entertains the crowd at Fun Fun Fun Fest

and Post Punk

Bleached performs on day 2 of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest

to Electronic,

Roger Sellers performs on day 2 of the 8th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest

Marcel Everett, aka XXYYXX, performs on day 3 of  the festival

Adam Miller, Ruth Radelet, and Johnny Jewel of the Chromatics perform as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

to Symphonic Pop Rock

The Polyphonic Spree, led by Tim DeLaughter,  performs on day 3 of Fun Fun Fun Fest

to Indie Rock

The Dismemberment Plan performs for the crowds at the 8th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest

Badford Cox of Deerhunter performs for the audience on Auditorium Shores in austin

and Singer/Songwriter.

Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, entertains the audience at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013

We were entertained by …

International stars,

M.I.A. headlines Day 2 of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, November 8, 2013  

and homegrown acts,

Cory Kendrix of Austin's LNS Crew performs for the crowds 

established entertainers,

Tom Araya of Slayer performs as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 in Austin, Texas

and youngsters just starting out in the business.

Malcom Brickhouse and Jared Dawkins of Unlocking The Truth perform on Day 2 of FFF Fest

And while all of this incredible music was taking place on the four stages, the festival grounds played host to…


and BMX bikers,

and wrestlers,

and even an occasional group of "strolling" musicians.

Austin loves a good party, so it was not surprising that the 8th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest was once again a hit with the crowds.